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When you reserve rental items to be delivered, please set up a mutually agreeable delivery time and leave your phone number with us. We will not deliver the items to you until we have reconfirmed the time and equipment reservation with you by phone on the day we are to deliver them.

Our policy on deliveries is to deliver to the curb and pick up items from the curb, or whatever location the delivery man deems safe with easy access. The delivery charge does not include set up, take down, cleaning equipment, or waiting time. If you are interested in those services, please call us for a quote. For a small fee, when pre-arranged, we can set up or take down the equipment for you. We do prefer to know this in advance, as we do a lot of deliveries and have a schedule to keep.

Upon delivery, please arrange a mutually convenient time for us to pick up the equipment. Before coming out to pick up the rental items, we will call to make sure someone will be there. We will pick up our items in the same place we delivered them and in the same neat arrangement that we left them (ie. Chairs stacked, tables stacked, dishes washed and in trays). Please notify us of any changes in plans.

We appreciate your business, and we always try hard to please you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Refunds and Returns

Our refund or return process is as follows. If a paid reservation has been taken prior to the customer’s event date the customer has 48 hours prior to the event delivery or pick-up date to cancel their reservation and receive a full refund. If the customer cancels less than 48 hours prior to their event delivery date or pick-up date, Thank Q Rentals does not provide a refund due to the fact that we have lost rentals on those items that were reserved for that event and we are not afforded enough time to find another renter. In the event that a customer has paid for a rental item and is not satisfied our contract states that the item is to be returned immediately. This is so that we may first try to replace the unsatisfactory item with a similar item. If we cannot provide a satisfactory replacement we will refund the customer for that item(s), provided that they have returned their item(s) within a satisfactory time frame from when the item(s) were rented. A satisfactory time frame would be up to 2 hours after the rental period began, or in the event that the item was taken out at closing time and we were unreachable to get a replacement item(s) we would give the customer until the following morning up to 2 hours after we open for business.

If there are any further questions, please contact us.